Enhancing Latin America-Europe
cooperation in ICT research
and innovation

LEADERSHIP supports dialogues on EU-LAC cooperation in ICT,
by providing input both at bilateral level to the Science
and Technology dialogue, and at bi-regional level to the
EU-LAC Senior Officials Meeting –SOM ICT Working Group.

The LAC-ICT Expert Group is an initiative
of the LEADERSHIP project to strengthen dialogues and
partnership building between Europe and Latin America

The LAC –ICT Expert Group acts as a permanent forum providing recommendations to policy makers
engaged with EU-LAC dialogues in ICT, and brings together experts in Digital Agendas, Funding
Mechanisms and ICT Regulations from Latin America and the Caribbean.


The project aims at setting up a new approach to engage more actively and strategically in supporting dialogues and partnership building between Europe and Latin America, and ultimately at fostering EU-LAC cooperation in ICT research and innovation.


The LAC-ICT Expert Group provides opinions and recommendations from a wide range of sources and stakeholders to coordinate efforts aligned to support a strategy-led approach to policy-making on ICT in Latin America.


The LAC Network of Living Labs supports the consolidation and development of networks of Living Labs within Latin America and the Caribbean identifying potential strengths, threats, opportunities and weakness for ICT cooperation in Living Labs.

  • Save the Date! Second Annual Meeting of the Lat-ICT Expert Group is coming soon

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  • EU-MEX Cooperation Days 8-9 March 2016

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  • The 5th EU-CELAC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) will be held in Brussels 14th March 2016

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  • 4th Call H2020 EU-Mexico Research and Innovation Co-Funding Mechanism

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  • Towards an EU-CELAC Common Research Area (CRA)

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  • The LEADERSHIP project presents its results to the European Commission in Brussels

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  • VII Convocatoria de Ayudas: proyectos bilaterales de I+D+i entre España y México

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  • Excellent results for LEADERSHIP project

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  • 2nd ERANet-LAC Joint Call on Research and Innovation

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  • LEADERSHIP was selected for the VIP Tour of Commissioner Moedas

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  • Leadership boost the presence of Latin America and the Caribbean countries in ICT 2015 in Lisbon

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  • Agenda LEADERSHIP in ICT 2015 is now available

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  • Visit our “EU-Latin America ICT hub” exhibition stand at ICT 2015 in Lisbon!

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  • eLAC2018: working documents available!

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  • Lanzamiento del libro “El Ecosistema y la Economía Digital en América Latina”

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  • DOWNLOAD: Working paper on the eLAC 2018 Digital Agenda in consideration of Caribbean priorities for technology-supported development

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  • The First Annual Meeting of the LAC-ICT Expert Group will take place on 2 September in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, in the framework of ANDICOM 2015

    2015-09-01 10:00:35  Read More Read More
  • LEADERSHIP invites you to the LAC-Living Labs Spring School to be held on 3 September in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

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  • Collaborative research in Cuba is included in NCURA’s 57th Annual Meeting

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  • Workshop on Cuba-Europe opportunities for R&I cooperation in H2020

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  • LEADERSHIP will participate in the Fifth Ministerial Conference on the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean

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  • LEADERSHIP at the Workshop on HPC Collaboration between Europe and Latin America

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  • EU-Brazil 2016 Coordinated Calls in ICT – EU-Brazil 2016 Working Group Findings

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  • Workshop on EU-Mexico Cooperation in the Energy sector on 17 June in Brussels

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  • European Commission launches EU/Latin America Study on IP and SMEs

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  • EU – Latin America and the Caribbean Academic Summit will be held on 8-9 June in Brussels

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  • SAVE THE DATE: First brokerage event EEN Argentina-ICT Sector on 24-25 June in Buenos Aires

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  • The Open Innovation 2.0 Conference 2015 will be held 7-9 June in Espoo, Finland

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  • EU relations with Cuba

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  • The EU-CELAC Business Summit wil be held on 10 June in Brussels

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  • Stimulating Research and Innovation Cooperation with Latin America

    2015-05-07 09:00:13  Read More Read More
  • LEADERSHIP launches new publications to enhance EU-LAC R&I cooperation in ICT

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  • EU-Latin America: R&I Cooperation growing

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  • TICAL 2015 se celebrará del 6 al 8 de julio en Viña del Mar, Chile

    2015-04-21 14:07:35  Read More Read More
  • Reunión de Primavera CUDI 2015

    2015-04-17 13:28:58  Read More Read More

    2015-03-26 18:04:50  Read More Read More
  • The EU-CELAC Summit 2015 will be held on 10-11 June in Brussels

    2015-03-26 17:37:42  Read More Read More
  • Invitation for expressions of interest – Support for Working Visits in Europe and Chile

    2015-03-17 11:38:11  Read More Read More
  • LEADERSHIP will organise its EU-LAC workshop on ICT International Cooperation on 11 March in Buenos Aires

    2015-03-02 14:46:18  Read More Read More
  • CALLS: H2020-EUB-2015 EU-Brazil research and development cooperation in advanced cyber infrastructure. Deadline 21 April

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  • Nueva guía para investigadores en Chile sobre como participar en H2020

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  • The European Commission publishes a Study on assessing the research management performance of framework programmes projects (Download)

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  • Llamada Conjunta Iberoeka España-México – Deadline 13 de Febrero de 2015

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  • The EC publishes the “EU International Strategy for Research and Innovation” report

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  • Get to know EU-Brazil First Coordinated Call Success Stories

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  • Are you an entrepreneur? Meet the FIWARE Accelerator Programme

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  • Net Futures Information Day on H2020 ICT-2015 will be held on 6 February in Brussels

    2015-01-19 15:00:47  Read More Read More
  • Save the date: The Digital Health Assembly will be held on 10-12 February in Cardiff, UK

    2015-01-19 10:00:49  Read More Read More


About The Project

LEADERSHIP aims at setting up a new approach to engage more actively and strategically in supporting dialogues and partnership building between Europe and Latin America, and ultimately at fostering EU-LAC cooperation in ICT research and innovation under Horizon 2020.


The project covers all Latin American countries with bilateral S&T Agreements in place (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico) or involved in a regular S&T cooperation dialogue (Colombia); and extends to 11 additional countries under the umbrella of the regional partner CAF – Development Bank of Latin America (Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, Panamá, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay and Venezuela).


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