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Leadership » ICT Expert Group

ICT Expert Group

LAC-ICT Expert Group

The LAC-ICT Expert Group is a forum to support ICT dialogues in the region. The Expert Group collaborates closely with the EU-LAC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) ICT Working Group, providing opinions and policy recommendations for EU-LAC dialogues and roadmaps for ICT R&I cooperation, based on high-level input from a wide range of sources and stakeholders.
The LAC ICT Expert Group is composed by three working groups to address three key thematic areas of relevance for EU-LAC dialogue: Digital Agendas, Funding Mechanisms and ICT Regulations.

Specific objectives of the LAC-ICT Expert Group are:

To engage with policy bodies and stakeholders dealing with ICT research and innovation.
To support dialogues on Digital Agendas, ICT regulations and funding mechanisms.
To support the SOM ICT WG in the implementation of thematic priorities.
To issue recommendations for EU-LAC sustainable dialogues and roadmaps for ICT R&I cooperation.
To organize EU-LAC events synchronized with dialogue meetings.



Digital Agendas Working Group

The Digital Agendas Working Group will coordinate Digital Agendas in Latin America and identify synergies with the international agenda of the Digital Agenda for Europe’s (DAE).

Funding Mechanism Working Group

The Funding Mechanisms Working Group will explore existing and future bilateral and multilateral funding mechanisms for enhancing joint research and innovation in ICT, both as applications for societal challenges and as enabling technologies.

ICT Regulations Working Group

ICT Regulations Working Group will study, discuss and improve the Latin American Institutional and Regulatory Framework that would orient and promote research and innovation in ICT and create appropriate conditions for strengthening international cooperation.

LAC-ICT Expert Group Governance Board

The Governance Board is composed by the President Silvia Monzón de Bidart (General Director ALETI and eLAC Vice President IT Industry Task Force) and the technical secretariat, taking by Mario Castaño (Technical Director CINTEL), supported by the Expert Group committee that involves the chairs and co-chairs of the three Working Groups, additional project partners and external experts that have been nominated by the LEADERSHIP Consortium.

Governance Board

Meet the members of the LAC-ICT Expert Group Governance Board in this section.

Technical Secretariat

LAC-ICT Expert Group Members

The members of the LAC-ICT Expert Group are invited and nominated by the LEADERSHIP partners. They are selected on the basis of know-how and experience both in the thematic fields of the three working groups (Digital Agendas, Funding Mechanisms and ICT Regulations) and also on the basis of participation in the EU-LAC political dialogue in ICT and other on-going bi-regional initiatives in the field.


Meet the members of the LAC-ICT Expert Group in this section.

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